Volume 4 Updated

Bodø to the Russian Border, including Lofoten

Phyllis, Hans Jakob, Eli, and I are excited to announce this huge update that includes:

  • 10 new harbours
  • Over 100 updated harbours
  • Over 200 new photographs
  • 50 new pages (now 254 pages)
  • 85 large scale charts

In many ways, the large scale harbour charts are the most exciting part of the update. These are the same official Norwegian Government harbour plans used in The Norwegian Pilot Guide—Sailing Directions, reproduced with the kind permission of the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

How To Get The Update

  • Existing eBooks: Your eBooks will automatically update on both Apple Books and Google Play Books in early March, for FREE.
  • New eBooks: Go ahead and buy now. Your new eBook will automatically update in mid-February, for FREE.
  • Paper Books: Updated books should start appearing at Amazon and book stores in mid to late March.

More information on how we keep The Guide up to date.

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