Vol. 2 Update Postponed

These are unsettling times for everyone, including marine voyagers and cruising guide authors.

We were in the throes of publishing an updated version of the Norwegian Cruising Guide Volume 2 (Sweden West Coast and Norway to Bergen), as promised, when we realized that, since voyaging by boat is severely restricted, it actually didn’t make much sense to publish an updated volume that virtually no one would be able to benefit from.

So we have decided to postpone the release of the updated Volume 2.

And that is good for everyone, since it (hopefully) gives Hans Jakob and Eli a chance to collect more updates from their home waters later this season. Which means Volume 2 will be right up-to-date when we are (fingers crossed) able to get back out there voyaging next spring.

So look out for an updated updated Volume 2 in spring 2021! And stay well.

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