7th Edition Updates #2

by phyllis on May 23, 2013

Updates-BannerHere are a few more nuggets of information to help you plan and execute your cruise of Norway.

Tromsø, Narvik to Torsvåg, Vol. III, p. 176 eBook/p. 177 paper book:

John V. reports that leaving his boat at Skattøra Marina, in Tromsø, has been a very good experience and relatively inexpensive (c. US$4000 for haulout/launching/powerwash). This tallies with the positive reports we have received from at least two others who have left their boats there over a winter. The only drawback is the long haul to town (10 kms) with very sporadic transit connections. John reports his butt is very sore after riding his folding bike back and forth repeatedly!

John also reported that he had no problems getting the permit from Customs to overwinter the boat without paying VAT. Since last winter was the first year after Norwegian Customs relaxed their regulations so as to make it easier to leave a foreign boat in Norway over the winter, it’s good to hear it all worked out well.

Thanks, John, and all the best for your voyage to Archangelsk (and hopefully beyond!).

Search & Rescue Insurance, GCI Svalbard, Vol. I, p. 78:

According to Mike, Harrison Beaumont will now cover only the “rescue” but not the “search”. Hum. Seems like a pretty cynical way to cut costs – i.e. if you don’t look for someone, you can’t really rescue them, can you! Well, all cynicism aside, Mike says Europeiske are willing to cover them for SAR once they find out from the Sysselmann what the insurance amount needs to be, despite the fact he is over 69 (which was a deal breaker for Hayward).

Thanks, Mike, this will save others from going through the hoops you just had to jump.

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