7th Edition Updates #3

by phyllis on June 5, 2013


This is the third in our series of real-time updates to the 7th Edition of the Norwegian Cruising Guide. And we already have several more posts in the wings, thanks to all of you who are sending in the information as you experience it!

Havneguiden, Vol. I, p. 12:

Thanks to Ad who has given us the heads-up that Havneguiden is no longer providing photos and small sketch maps for free online. However, if you wish to pay 298kr (40Euros)/year, you can have access to all their online information.

Thanks to Hans Jakob who is back with the following updates to the Guide:

Bergen, Vol. II, p. 208:

There is a new diesel pump on Askøy, 3.5 nm NNW of Bergen inner city harbour, just west of the bridge to the mainland. They are currently selling diesel at just below 8,50kr/litre (₤1/€1.15). For small quantities this is about as good a price as you can expect along these shores this summer.

Kvitturspollen, Vol. II, p. 207:

The Bergen Seilforening has recently demolished their club house, so facilities this summer will be in temporary sheds with the limitations that implies. Hopefully a new club house will be in place for the 2014 season.

Bekkjarvik, Vol. II, p. 198:

Bekkjarvik is a popular harbour with a well-reputed restaurant and tends to get seriously crowded in the season and all weekends between April and October.

A new mole harbour, which increases the number of visitors’ berths to 120, should help. The new harbour is immediately south of the old harbour and is approached from the south, between Selbjørn and the end of the mole. It is uncomfortable in strong southerlies. The current pontoon is temporary but appears very sturdy and there are many electricity outlets. Electricity is included in the 150kr berthing fee.

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