7th Edition Updates #5

by phyllis on June 24, 2013


Welcome to the 5th in our series of Update posts.

Vardø, Vol. III, p. 275 paper/p. 272 eBook:

Thanks to John V. for this note on Customs issues for eastbound travelers.

Customs and Immigration in Vardø, supposedly a Norwegian port of entry, is managed by the police but, unfortunately, they are only on site every second week and never on weekends. So John and crew had to take the ferry to Kirkenes and then a Hurtigrute excursion bus the 15 km to the Customs port at the Russian border. However, they had to hitch hike back, making it just in time for the return ferry trip to Vardø. How stressful was that!

For the time being it might be better for yachts to proceed to Kirkenes for departure formalities, even though this is a bit off the route.

On the positive side, Vardø now has a Vimnopol (liquor store)!

Russian Inland Route, Vol. III, p. 264 paper/p. 260 eBook:

John V. reports that they have been granted permission to cross Russia from the White Sea to the Black Sea, despite all the negative reports to the contrary! You can follow their journey here.

Farsund, Vol. II, p. 135:

Claude and Jean-Noel report that Farsund has changed with the times. Instead of free docking and gratis newspapers and baked goods, now all boats have to pay 200kr/day (electricity, water, internet included; newspapers and freshly baked goods excluded). Sigh.

Thanks, Claude and Jean-Noel for passing on the news, sad though it is! Thanks also to John G. who corroborated this information but added that the Tourist Office was supremely helpful so that the pain of higher prices and no baked goods was somewhat alleviated!

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