7th Edition Updates, #6

by phyllis on July 20, 2013

Updates-BannerThank you to frequent contributor Neil McCubbin for the following information. To see Neil’s beautiful photography, you can follow his travels online.


Jensøysundet, Vol. III, p. 42 eBook/p. 41 paper:

The anchorage is not as large as it looks on the chart but the holding is good. Mussels can be found on the west side of the westerly island (in a cleft) but no eagles to be seen in 2013.

Roan, Vol. III, p. 37 eBook/p. 36 paper:

Shelter is good and holding in the 9 m deep anchoring area is good too; however, anchoring space is limited by fishing gear.

There is a Coop store with a limited selection of provisions.

Hansøyviken, Vol. III, p. 86:

Eagles are in residence here. A faint but useful path leads over the saddle to the east of the northeast corner of the anchorage and on to the farm on the east side of the island. There is also a path north from the same corner. From the saddle it is possible to access the 150 m high hill that lies east of the anchorage.

Ytre Handvika, Nordfjorden, Vol. III, p. 85:

Neil agrees with us that Nordfjorden is beautiful but he says he wouldn’t call it “one of the most spectacularly beautiful fjords in Norway” as we do in the Guide. He also reports that the Svartisen Glacier is no longer visible from the fjord.

According to Google Earth the glacier is still up there but I guess too far up to see from a boat. If you want to see the glacier, you are better off going to Holandsfjorden (p. 89).

On the positive side, Neil reports that the holding is excellent and the anchorage is well-protected. Only the top of the motor of the wreck that we mention is visible at high water.

Despite the steep sides, it was an easy bushwhack to the top of the 200 m high hill on the north side of the anchorage in June, although later in the year the lower slope vegetation could be tough. But don’t expect a signal for your cell phone (mobile) even up there. Hopefully the view, including over the Nordfjordvågen anchorage (p. 85), will make the climb worth your while.

Hellemobotn, Vol. III, p. 122:

Though Neil didn’t agree with us about Nordfjorden, he does agree that the hike to the Swedish border is a good one! He reports it took two hours each way. Apparently the trail, including four bridges and a Sami wood hut (signposted), is maintained by Sami living in the village in the summer. Neil suggests that a present from trail users would be appreciated (he gave them a jug of Canadian maple syrup – yum!).

Neil was able to anchor with 4:1 scope in 18 m depth off the river mouth (67°49.115’ N, 16°30.761’ E). He reports that the bottom is sand/clay with good holding. Apparently the charted cables are non-functional telephone cables, so the locals won’t be upset if you catch your anchor on them though you might be! Neil reports that the river mouth is about 150 m northwest of its charted position (using updated C-MAP cartography), so take care when finding a spot to anchor.

Note also that the ferry arrives on Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 2000 and returns immediately to Kjopvik, which makes it completely impractical for a visiting hiker!

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