A Cruise To Russia, Anyone?

by phyllis on October 11, 2013

Kong Oscar II's chapel with Russia in the background.

Kong Oscar II’s chapel on the Norwegian border with Russia, our furthest east on Morgan’s Cloud.

We just received an email from Denis, a Russian reader of the Norwegian Cruising Guide, with an amazing invitation. Here’s what he wrote:

As you know, the Russian government opened borders for foreign sailors. It has inspired us to create an event that will show the Russian territories to foreign sailors.

We are a group of Russian sailors. In July and August 2014, we’ll have the event FESTIVAL OF NORTHERN SEAS.

The route of this event is Bodø-Tromsø-Vardø-Kirkenes to Murmansk-Arkhangelsk-Solovki and back, with some stops between these BIG stops. Total will be more than 10 boats without guest boats.

In the past, Russia and Norway have had close relations. The Vikings went to Arkhangelsk for furs. In turn, Russian seafarers from the northern regions went to Norway.

In Russia there are great places in the White Sea. We want to encourage yacht tourism to spread to the northern regions of Russia. Therefore, we invite you to participate in our event.

Unfortunately, John and I are in North America for a few more years and Hans Jakob and Eli have other plans for 2014, so the Norwegian Cruising Guide won’t be represented (this time). However, maybe some of you would like and are able to take up this incredible offer? If so, please contact Denis directly.

Disclaimer: We have no firsthand experience of the issues involved in sailing in North Russia nor of the people involved in this cruise, except for our very competent friend Ivar who is providing boats through his charter company, Boreal Yachting.

Update, April 2014: The cruise has been canceled for 2014.

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