A Preview of Norway

by phyllis on April 25, 2013

distantshoresLooking to get a quick taste of what cruising Norway will be like? One fun way is to watch the videos made by Paul and Sheryl Shard, Canadian cruisers who produce Distant Shores, a TV show of their travels.


Their voyage to Norway took place during the 8th season of their show, so they aren’t neophytes in the video department. In fact, I think their videos are of good quality with interesting subject matter—a mix of sailing and land based activities interspersed with interviews. Of course, an hour-long TV show only brushes the surface of a place, but it should be enough to give you a feeling for Norway and the wonderful people who live there.

You might also find that you are interested in one of the many other places that Paul and Sheryl have visited during their years of cruising (season 9 is happening as we speak, in the BVI).

You can either purchase full season DVDs or individual shows.


Paul and Sheryl kindly sent us their DVDs from Season 8, two shows of which pertain to Norway.

Further Disclosure

I haven’t watched T.V. in 25 years, I can’t watch movies because of my tenuous grasp on reality, and I never watch videos on my computer (I had to use John’s computer because the volume on my computer doesn’t work through the headset). So my review of these shows should be read with that in mind!

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