A Review of The Norwegian Cruising Guide

by phyllis on June 5, 2014

NCG ebook and ipadIt’s always good to receive feedback (both positive and constructive) from readers of the Norwegian Cruising Guide. And it’s even better when that feedback is published by someone other than ourselves!

We’d like to share the following review Howard Steen wrote for the Cruising Association (reprinted below with permission from the Cruising Association):

Norway’s 13,000 nautical miles of mostly spectacular and sheltered coastline deserve a comprehensive English language cruising guide and the 7th Edition of the Norwegian Cruising Guide meets this need admirably. As well as containing general cruising information, there are detailed descriptions of 950 harbours and anchorages. The new three-volume presentation is logical and the text is amply illustrated with many charts and excellent, often stunning, photographs.

Beyond its coverage of Norway, Bjørnøya and Svalbard, there is new general cruising information from the West Coast of Sweden and Jan Mayen. The Swedish harbour information, while certainly helpful for planning an approach to Norway from the Baltic, is not at the same level of coverage as for Norway and would need supplementing with other sources if you are intending to explore this coast.

Available in printed or electronic
 form, the e-book version is particularly attractive in its pricing and valuable in its extensive use of ‘hot links’ to
 third party web pages, which enable access to significant additional material when there is an internet connection available. For example, by clicking on the lat/long reference for each Norwegian harbour or anchorage, the corresponding Norwegian Hydrographic Office sea chart opens up! Most links tried worked very well, although one or two did not display the expected information.

One potential drawback of any e-guide, that of having to laboriously scroll back and forth through the pages, has been cleverly minimised using short-cut links.

I browsed the guide using a desktop computer without much difficulty and I imagine that on a tablet the experience would be even better.

For anyone planning a cruise to Norway, this guide is an indispensable companion.

Thank you so much, Howard.

One slight correction on the above review: The general cruising information about the West Coast of Sweden and Jan Mayen is not new to the Guide but rather it was reorganized into discrete sections in Vol. I of the 7th Edition.

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