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Paper Book Questions
What type of paper and cover?

This is not a glossy picture book, but rather a guide filled with up-to-date information to help you plan and implement a great cruise. It has a soft glossy cover and the inside is printed on standard matte paper.

Why aren’t the prices the same at all stores?

We suggest a retail price of €55 each for volumes 2,3&4 and €35 for volume 5.

However, we have no control over what the stores charge.

What about the offers of used Guides on Amazon?

Obviously we would prefer if you bought new, but hey, if you save some money and a tree gets saved too, we are cool with that.

However, be very careful. Some of these offers are bogus. We know this because they were offering secondhand books of the latest update before our printer had shipped the first one!

So make absolutely sure they are not trying to sell you an earlier edition.

Can I buy the books directly from you?

We no longer sell books directly because it’s a lot easier for you to buy them from a marine bookstore in your area, or one that can put a complete package together of everything you need for a cruise to Norway, or from Amazon, where you may already have an account and where you will probably get free shipping.

Can I buy a PDF?

No, not good for you, not good for us:

  • Channels like iTunes®  and Google Play® allow you to buy with one click on an account you probably already have.
  • Apple and other channels automatically download your Guide to all your devices. Much easier than manually downloading and transferring PDFs.
  • PDF eBooks are yesterday’s technology. Rightly or wrongly, the future of eBooks lies with ePub, the format used by iBooks® and Google Books®.
eBook Questions
Can I read the Guide on my phone?

Technically, the answer is yes, but the bigger question is will you be happy doing that? 

The Guide is a fixed layout book so the text does not flow and you can’t change the size—text reflow works great for books that are mostly text, but is terrible for guide books with lots of photos and formatting.

The result is that on a phone you will be zooming in and out a lot, although a larger phone is usable.

Bottomline, a tablet, even a small one—we have tested the iPad Mini and it’s great—provides the best experience.

I have a Macintosh computer and no tablet.

Not to worry, you are all good. Just buy the Guide on iBooks and then, if you don’t already have it, download iBooks onto your Macintosh using the Mac App Store (it’s free).

I have a Windows computer and no tablet.

What about reading the Guide with Google Play Books in a browser on my computer? Google say I can do that.

Yes, you can do that, but there’s a limitation: None of the links (external or internal) work. Google tells us this is “Intended Behaviour”, which makes no sense to us, but there it is.

That said, if you wish to read your Guide on a Windows PC, this is the best alternative.

Instructions on how to read your Guide when offline.

I have a different question

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