The Recreational Mariner's Guide

5. Appendix

Changing to a Norwegian Propane System

When reading this section, please keep in mind that we are not experts on the use and installation of gas systems. All of the information below is based on best guesses with not a little conjecture thrown in for good measure. Make sure you do your own research and satisfy yourself that any changes you make to your boat’s system are safe. If you blow yourself into the middle of next week, we will not be responsible!

Before making one of the conversions listed below, you should make sure that your onboard appliances will operate properly and safely with gas at the pressure supplied by Norwegian regulators, which is 30 Mb (note that 28 and 37 Mb regulators have been banned).

Always keep in mind that propane is an extremely explosive gas that is heavier than air and will pool in your bilge if it leaks. Your system should be carefully leak tested after any modifications.

Ten Ways To Make Propane Safer at Attainable Adventure Cruising

If you decide to change to a Norwegian system, there are three types of regulators available, fitting three different types of cylinders:

  • Primus screw-on regulator:
    • Marketed in Norway as Primus/camping ventil.
    • Fits the 2-kg round cylinders supplied by AGA.
    • This type is common on boats and is quite readily available.
  • H (Household) regulator:
    • This is a snap-on regulator that dominates the Norwegian market.
    • Marketed as the “jumbo” gas regulator in the UK.
    • Available on all 5 and 10 kg composite cylinders and most steel and aluminum cylinders.
    • Replacement cylinders are available at most petrol stations, marinas and camp sites, with the 5 kg composite cylinders the most readily available.
  • I (Industrial) regulator:
    • Available at some sites for 5 kg, but usually 10 kg and larger cylinders from AGA and Nippon.
    • We are informed that the connectors are the same thread as on North American bottles.
    • Replacement bottles are more readily available in the North than in South Norway, where they will only be available in the larger cities.

Before you decide on which regulator to choose, carefully measure the available space in your gas locker. Many contemporary European yachts will only have room for a low, round 2-kg cylinder, in which case you will have no other choice than the 2-kg AGA cylinder with the Primus regulator. AGA 2 kg cylinders measure 28 cm height x 20.3 cm diameter.

Depending on the diameter of hose in your boat you may need an adaptor. You may wish to install a leak detector (low pressure gauge) between the join and the cylinder regulator.

The Primus regulators, H regulators, adaptors and gas hose should be readily available at chandlers and hardware stores.

Adaptors are available in Norway from Tess retailers among others; in Sweden from Fogas and others; and in Germany from GOK Regler & Armaturen GmbH & Co KG, Obernbreiter Str. 2 – 16, 97340 Markbreit/Tel.: +(49) 93 32 40 40.

Note that, despite what is shown in the pictures, a hose clamp is not the recommended way to secure a gas connection.