The Recreational Mariner's Guide

2. Norway


Below is a short list of adaptations to your boat and preparation tips that will make your cruise of Norway more enjoyable.

See the chapters on anchoring and docking (tying up), and electricity and cooking gas for more preparation tips.

Spare Parts

List of boatyards and boat storage facilities

Though maintenance facilities for sailboats are limited, particularly in the north, there are fishing boat facilities everywhere that can be utilized for repairs with a little bit of ingenuity, if you are carrying a good selection of spare parts. Due to the cost of parts and shipping, we advise you stock up before leaving for Norway.

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Reliable Heater

The night, and sometimes the day, can get quite chilly in north Norway, even in summer. At times the night can be chilly even in the south. A reliable heater will make your cruise that much more enjoyable.

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Reliable Engine

A reliable engine is a must for north Norway, as steady sailing winds can be very elusive, and when traveling in the sheltered passages and fjords, what wind there is will often be funnelled directly from ahead or astern.

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On-deck Navigation

An on-deck chart table and/or plotter is invaluable for navigating the torturous, though well-buoyed, channels, especially if sailing shorthanded.

Reliable Autopilot

A reliable autopilot will give you and your crew a break from the monotony of steering when it is necessary to travel long days with the engine running. 

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The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (NSSR) was founded in 1891 with a goal to save life and property at sea and to offer accident prevention guidelines and courses. The rescue vessel crews also perform other important but less critical tasks such as towing and assistance when in harbour in case of a mechanical breakdown.

Unless you are a member, any towing or other rescue work that Redningsselskapet does for you will be at your cost. Joining after a rescue to avoid paying the towing bill is not an option, as one contributor found out to his dismay!

As of spring 2024, Redningsselskapet will not be able to readily accept foreign payments as a new administration system requires the Norwegian BankID for registering new members. They are working to correct this and state that the problem should be sorted for the 2025 season. However, it does seem as if they have a work around, as we have heard of two foreign sailors who have been accepted, so it is worth a try (see contact information below).

If Redningsselskapet will not accept your application for membership we suggest you consider becoming a member of the Swedish sister organization Svenska Sjöräddningsselskapet. There is an agreement between Scandinavian sea rescue organizations so that membership in Svenska Sjöräddningsselskapet will cover comparable assistance provided by Redningsselskapet.