Clearing In To Norway

by phyllis on May 17, 2017

Summer is rapidly approaching and visiting mariners are starting to arrive in Norway for another season’s voyaging in this beautiful country.


Historically, though visiting mariners in vessels less than 48-m LOA have been formally required to provide 24-hrs advance notice prior to arrival whenever possible, this requirement has largely been ignored by officers in the field.


That may be changing, as a visiting British sailor was recently asked by officials why he had not reported digitally through SafeSeaNet Norway, a reporting service run by the Coastal Administration (Kystverket).

However, according to Kystverket, vessels less than 48-m LOA are not required to report through SafeSeaNet Norway and the system is not set up to accommodate pleasure vessels.

When looking into this further, Hans Jakob, the Guide’s Norwegian author, learned that, despite Kystverket’s disinterest in vessels less than 48-m LOA, there is a new Department of Immigration circular, which states that visiting pleasure boat skippers are required to report 24-hrs in advance using SafeSeaNet but, if this is not possible, then advance notice should be sent directly to the police district at which the vessel will land.

There is no specification for how to notify the police, but this does imply that entry should be done at an official Port of Entry (note that Immigration officials are only posted at airports and police function as Immigration officers at Ports of Entry).


Our take on all of this is: If you have not already cleared into a Schengen country, or if you are approaching Norway from outside the 12-nm limit (the outer Schengen boundary), you should make landfall at an official Port of Entry and we suggest you contact Police Authorities on Tel.: 02800 to enquire about any entry formalities. Note that this does not apply to boats registered in a Schengen country, on direct passage from a Schengen country.

We know you will have a wonderful cruise in Norway, whatever the initial formalities may entail.

Further Information

Please let us know what, if any, formalities you are required to undergo.

The Introduction to each Harbours and Anchorages chapter in the Norwegian Cruising Guide lists Ports of Entry for that area, and General Cruising Information for Norway (Vol. I) has more information on Norwegian Customs and Immigration.


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