Contributor Guidelines

Thank You

Contributors who make a substantial contribution—detailed information on at least 10 harbours (in the format requested below), including relevant good-quality photographs—will receive a free eBook of the volume they contributed to when we release the next edition/update.

Please note that, due to restrictions beyond our control, we can only provide these free eBooks for iBooks (Apple devices only).

Harbour and Anchorage Text

Please provide additions and corrections in the following format:

  • Name of the harbour/anchorage; the chart number (if you are using paper charts); lat/long.
  • Approaches: Any tips you have to make it easier or safer to enter the harbour or anchorage.
  • Anchorages, Moorings: A description of the depth, type of holding, swinging room, etc.; the type of dock, depth alongside, charge/day, etc.
  • For The Boat: Electricity, water, fuel, boatyard services, etc.
  • For The Crew: Facilities (toilets, showers, laundry), shopping, transportation, WiFi etc.
  • Things To Do: Restaurants, galleries, museums, hikes, beaches, anything else that you enjoyed doing and that might encourage another cruiser to want to stop (or not), etc.


When sending photographs, please follow these guidelines:

  • Image format: Jpeg maximum quality (quality 12) 8 bit.
  • Minimum Size: 1000 pixels on the long side.
  • Maximum Size: 2000 pixels on the long side.
  • Image post processing: If you decide to post process your image in an application like Photoshop, please convert it to a TIFF or PSD file first and then convert it back to Jpeg when you are done. (If you post process Jpeg files, you will lose a lot of quality.) Also, please be gentle: Don’t increase the saturation or contrast and don’t sharpen the image.
  • Captioning: If you have a program like Lightroom or Photoshop that allows you to edit the photograph’s metadata, please put as much information as you can in the IPTC caption field. If not, please include the caption information in a separate text file. The more information you can give us the better. At the minimum we need: location name, position the photo was taken from, direction it was taken in.
  • We pay a small licensing fee for photographs that we use in the Guide, currently €5.00 / photograph.

Sending Text and Photographs

CLICK HERE for our Dropbox and then email us to inform us of your contribution.

Granting of Rights to AAC

By sending a contribution after 14th June 2012 to the Norwegian Cruising Guide, you are automatically agreeing to grant Attainable Adventure Cruising Ltd (AAC) non-revocable worldwide rights to publish your contribution, including photographs, in any form including, but not limited to, paper books, eBooks and the world wide web. You further grant AAC the right to grant rights to your content to others, including, but not limited to C-MAP. The copyright to your content remains yours.