Den Norske Los

by phyllis on March 20, 2014

Den Norske LosDen Norske Los (DNL) is the Norwegian government sailing directions to the coast of Norway. During our two years cruising in Norway and our 10 years working on the Norwegian Cruising Guide, we have found DNL to be very useful as it contains information applicable to small vessels, not just big commercial vessels as is the case with most pilots.

However, there are some major changes happening over at the Norwegian Hydrographic Office as regards DNL, both good and bad (from our perspective).

I’ll give you the good news first: DNL is now available online free of charge as PDF documents. How amazing is that.

And now for the bad news: the Hydrographic Office has turned its focus exclusively to the commercial market and any information in DNL that pertains to the leisure market will be removed as new editions are published. That is a real drag.

So, for now, the online versions will still contain some information applicable to smaller boats (for those who can read Norwegian, though the Svalbard volume is still published in English) and we’ll just have to see how useful new editions will be for those of us in smaller boats.

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