Don’t Be The Guest of Honour

by phyllis on May 5, 2013


My Little Norway, a blog I follow, posted the other day on the tongue-in-cheek reaction of foreign news sites to the job posting for a polar bear spotter in Svalbard.

After spending time in places where we are not at the top of the food chain and where humans are actually outnumbered by the predator, such as in Svalbard and North Labrador, John and I have learned how vulnerable it makes you feel. As John says, “It gives being the guest of honour at a dinner party a whole new meaning”.

So, if you are visiting Svalbard this summer, don’t take the polar bear risk lightly. They are beautiful and it’s an amazing gift to see them in their natural habitat, but don’t take any risks. For more on how to deal with polar bears see Vol. I, General Cruising Information, p. 79.

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