Historic Village Ravaged By Fire

by phyllis on January 20, 2014

Old Lærdalsøyri

Old Lærdalsøyri before the fire

Lærdalsøyri (Vol. II, p. 245), a historic village with buildings dating from the seventeen- and eighteen-hundreds, was the scene of a massive fire this past weekend that destroyed a number of buildings, including 35 houses. Thankfully no one was badly hurt, but our hearts go out to those who lost their homes. Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. There is no word yet regarding any damage to the harbour facilities.

Update, January 31, 2013

Sadly, more fires have destroyed homes and businesses in the harbour town of Småværet (Vol. III, p. 40) as well as causing evacuations on the island of Frøya (Vol. III, p. 24). Officials are blaming the fires on unusually dry winter weather and high winds.

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