Integrating Updates Into The Guide

by phyllis on June 14, 2015

NCG ebook and ipadHopefully you’ve all downloaded your copy of the updates to the Norwegian Cruising Guide, 7th Edition, which we made available last month.

It’s a huge document and I realize that it’s onerous to try and integrate information between the Guide and the Updates. Based on this frustration, a few readers have written to ask if it’s possible to integrate the Updates into the Guide itself.

Without realizing it, what they are actually asking for is a new edition, because every time we make a change to the text, even a small one, the pictures move around and we have to reformat the entire chapter to accommodate that one “small” change. Given we had 70 pages of updates, that’s an awful lot of “small” changes!

When we first published the Norwegian Cruising Guide as an eBook, we thought we’d be able to bring out a new edition every year so that the hassle of trying to manage a separate Updates document would be a thing of the past.

And that worked for the first several years when the Guide was a whole lot smaller. Now, however, the Guide is 3 volumes (it’s going to be 4 volumes in the next edition), with information on 1000 harbours/anchorages and something like 500 pictures. So bringing out a new edition these days takes at least 4 months of full-time work. Not something we have the time or energy to undertake every year–we need to get out sailing too!

So the separate Updates document remains the best practical compromise for those years when we don’t bring out a new edition.

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