Nautisk Fritid

by phyllis on April 15, 2013

nautiskfritidUntil recently, Nautisk Forlag was the largest purveyor of Scandinavian charts and cruising guides in Norway, and in previous editions of the Guide we recommended them as the place to get Scandinavian charts and publications. However, this past year they decided to get out of the retail business, so they shut down their online business and closed their Oslo store. Yikes!

However, before you panic, we are here to tell you that one of their employees has taken over the retail business, changed the name to Nautisk Fritid and opened a store at Rådhusgata 9, 0151 Oslo, Tel. +47 401 44 410.

The 7th Edition of the Guide (to be published in the very near future) mentions Nautisk Fritid’s online business in the General Cruising Information for Norway chapter, but the Oslo store opened after we had frozen the contents of the Guide, so we don’t have that information in the new edition. If you plan to visit Oslo during your cruise of Norway, it might be worthwhile to make note of their location.

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