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by phyllis on September 18, 2014

NCG ebook and ipadAnother season of sailing in Norway is drawing to a close for most of us and so it’s time for our annual request for any corrections, updates or new information that you would like to contribute to the Guide. Instructions on submitting photos and text can be found here. Thank you to all of you who have already contributed and thanks to any of you who will be contributing.

We’ve been asked if we are going to publish a new (8th) edition this winter. That’s a good question and not one we can answer right now. It’s not that we are being coy, but we got badly burned several years ago when we publicized that we were going to publish a new edition and made a promise to provide free copies to all purchasers of the Guide after a specific date. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we couldn’t publish the new edition for 18 months and so had to give away a lot of free Guides. With margins as small as those in the cruising guide publishing business, that hurt!

So we have come up with a new policy that we’ve outlined under “Next Edition News” on the top right hand corner of each page of this site. In a nutshell: We will no longer make promises about when a new edition will be published but, if we do bring out a new edition, anyone who purchased the old edition after the August 31st prior to publication of the new edition, will get an eBook version of the new edition for free. The idea being that you didn’t get to use the previous edition before we published a new one.

So any contributions you make towards the Guide this fall will be integrated into an updates document that will be provided for free download to all purchasers of the Guide and then eventually into the next edition of the Guide.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has purchased the Guide and/or contributed to the Guide and/or contacted us during this past year. We appreciate your support and we are committed to continuing to make the Norwegian Cruising Guide “the most complete and most up-to-date cruising guide to the coasts of Norway, Svalbard, and the west coast of Sweden”.

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