Artwork of Norway

by phyllis on May 26, 2013

Nord for Svalbard- Phippsøya

I got an email the other day from Svein Lamark, a contributor to the Norwegian Cruising Guide and a commentor on Attainable Adventure Cruising, with a link to his wife Bjørg’s watercolours from Svalbard (click on the orange button ‘Se verker av denne kunstneren’).

If you’ve been to Svalbard, her pieces will remind you of the ethereal icebound landscape of this high Arctic place. And if you are planning to visit there, her work will give you a taste of what to expect. Thanks for the link, Svein, and thanks for the beautiful paintings, Bjørg.

While I’m talking art, Ola Bergslien from Trondheim, who has been a contributor to the Guide since the 2nd Edition way back in 1996, sent me these links to panoramic photographs taken in Ålesund and of the Northern Lights. With such beautiful scenery to work with, no wonder Norwegians are celebrating their homeland with paintings and photographs! Thanks, Ola.

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