Norwegian Cruising Guide Editors Never Sleep

by phyllis on April 1, 2015


It’s been an especially harsh winter here in Nova Scotia. We were supposed to launch our boat today, April 1st, but the two meters of snow on the ground and the thick ice clogging our inlet and extending well out into Mahone Bay have put paid to that. It now looks like we won’t get in the water until mid-April. And I see that Oslo had a big snowstorm last week, so they are still feeling the effects of winter as well.

But just because the sailing season is slow to arrive doesn’t mean we aren’t paying attention to the Norwegian Cruising Guide. In fact, I am working on the Guide in one way or another most of the time:

  • Updates: I collate the information I get from Hans Jakob and Eli, our Norwegian correspondents, and those of you who are cruising Norway, into an Updates document that is available for download to all owners of the Guide each spring–look for an email in the next few weeks. At the same time I am integrating these updates into the Guide in preparation for the next edition.
  • Having said that, since it is only two years since we published the 7th Edition, there will be no new edition in 2015.
  • Improvements: I’m always looking for ways to make the Guide better. This year I am working my way through each entry to make sure it makes sense against the Norwegian charts, including the name (more on that in a future post).
  • Website: I try and blog often enough to make it obvious that we are still actively working on the Guide. Also, John is working behind the scenes on keeping the site software up to date; a very important job considering the onslaught of hackers and spammers and bots…!

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