Questions About The eBook

What Devices Is the eBook compatible with?

The eBook is a standard PDF document so it is readable on just about any computer or hand held device you can imagine and then some.

While you can read the Guide without any additional Apps, to get the best experience we recommend: GoodReader for iPad; and ezPDF for tablets running Android.

Is the eBook digitally rights managed (copy protected)?

No. However the eBook is marked on every page with your name and sales receipt number.

When I pay for the eBook, what rights do I get?

In exchange for your payment, we grant you limited rights to the Guide for your own use, and reasonable use by your crew, only. You may use it on as many computers or hand held devices that you own as you wish. You may not make copies of this Guide for other people or resell the Guide.

You may sell or assign your rights to one other person but in so doing you give up all of your rights to the Guide and must destroy all copies of the eBook, both electronic or paper based, in your possession.

By downloading the Guide you are specifically agreeing to these terms.