by phyllis on April 2, 2013

The Notorious Statt.

Notorious headland Stattlandet (NCG, Sognefjorden to Kristiansund) is an obstacle that all mariners have to round if heading to Ålesund and points north. Since the late 1800s, there have been intermittent rumblings that a tunnel should be built through the isthmus behind the headland. As we are talking about a tunnel big enough for ships, the amount of money involved is also big, and so the idea regularly gets squashed and goes into hibernation. But it never completely dies.

A few months ago there was a short piece on a Norway news site that I follow suggesting that the tunnel was once again a possibility. Hans Jakob, our man in Norway (we’re sounding very journalistic here!), shrugged it off as another rumour without any substance. However, he emailed me the other day to report that the Norwegian government has actually assigned 1 billion kroner to the project. So it just might happen in our lifetime after all! We’ll keep you posted.

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