Thanks for the invitation to view your cruising guide online. I’ve had a quick look and it looks great, very comprehensive and so useful as updates can be added as available. I’ll enjoy studying it further. (TB)

Your cruising guides are the best I have ever seen. Congratulations! (ED)

I really admire your cruising guide. I have sailed in other parts of the world and I never found such profound and clearly written guides. For me, your guide is a reference how cruising guides should be written. (AK)

Thanks for all of your work on the Guide. It inspired us to experiences we would otherwise not have been able to accomplish. (R&JP)

Your cruising guide is among my “boatbibles”, it’s very informative and gives good info even to us “locals”—and on board my iPad is among my best friends for next-day-planning. (PE)

My wife and I sailed up to the north side of Spitsbergen, crossing 80°N this summer. We had a wonderful time in very beautiful nature with spectacular wildlife. We found a lot of nice anchorages where we rested securely and had some great experiences walking around enjoying the nature, looking at all kinds of artifacts from the old days. One big factor contributing to the success of our tour, was your Guide. Please accept our credit for what we experienced as thorough and good work. (HJ)

CONGRATULATIONS! We are Norwegians and have been cruising along the coast since 1985…We love your Guide. In fact, we have found a lot of information there unknown to us before. We recommend it to all asking for info of our waters. (M&KH)

I’ve downloaded the new edition—awesome! Brings out MANY fantastic memories. (OP)

Everything has worked without any problems for me. Being an IT-novice, I’m relieved…I can now read and study my new NCG from my laptop PC, my Asus EeePC, and my Nexus 7… Just perfect. It is worth every € ! (FT)

WOW! Just had a look at your video, what an amazing upgrade it is! Congratulations on the magnificent work. (J-BA)

Your guide is the first e-cruising guide we ever used during our 23 years of cruising and…having it on deck on the iPad and searchable was a very good experience! We’ll continue to spread the word. (PS)

The best English language book turned out to be the Norwegian Cruising Guide…which provides a wealth of information and is regularly updated… (PBO)

Your Norwegian Cruising Guide, which we downloaded earlier this year, was an invaluable aid during the planning stage and during our summer cruise to the west coast of Norway. No other publication which we had on board, bought or borrowed, proved any way as useful and informative. (JDR)

We used your guide a lot and it appeared to be, to our experience, the best cruising guide there is. First of all I would like to thank you for the great effort you undertook to write and publish this guide. We enjoyed the Norwegian coast even more because of this guide! (TvW)

Thank you, so much for your very kind e-mail about new edition of Norwegian Cruising Guide. I’m so happy to read your news, as I have been so looking forward to it. You all taught me the greatness of Norwegian ocean… (NF)

I used the book a lot last summer when sailing all the way from Bergen to Lofoten. The book really helped navigate our way, it is amazing that this book is so complete…Thanks for such a great resource. (KB)

We used [your Guide] last summer and it was a great help…keep up the good work! It is a labor of love, but you are making all of us VERY happy. (LP)

Last year we sailed from the Swedish west coast up to Tromsø in Norway. It was a fantastic sailing tour and your guide was very useful. Thank you! (BC)

After all these years using with much pleasure and confidence your guide, I would be happy to upgrade it with the [next] edition.  (PD)

[I] think [the Norwegian Cruising Guide] is a fabulous book. You did a real good job on it. Thanks for an excellent publication.  (GR)

This is absolutely splendid. The cruising guide…is already a model for others to follow: comprehensive, informed, easily accessed, and up to date…the downloading was—even for a computer challenged guy—very easy. (WZ)

Well, I am now back from my cruise, and a wonderful six weeks it turned out to be. Mainly due to your guide…it was excellent. I do not know how we would have managed without it. (CJ)

Good to see that you are really keeping up to date with your excellent guide.  (HL&RB)