The 7th Edition Is Done!

by phyllis on April 22, 2013

Yippee! Yahoo! The 7th Edition is done and available for purchase right here. We’ve really enjoyed preparing this edition for publication and we’re also really enjoying being done!

You can view a video that highlights the great new interactive features of the eBook and we also have a printed Q&A page. Also, don’t forget the free Waypoint file that you can download in various formats that contains each of the 950 harbours/anchorages described in the Guide.

Another great thing in the 7th Edition is that, due to new printing technology, we have been able to drop the price of the paper books despite a huge increase in content.

We hope you have a wonderful cruise of Norway and we are happy that our Guide will accompany you on your journey! God reise (bon voyage) and God bør (fair winds)!

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