Updates and New Editions

The Old Way

Let's face it, updates to cruising guides, including ours, have always been pretty messy. The traditional solution (if you can call it that) has been to send out a document of changes and additions each year. That sucked for a bunch of reasons:

  • Manually integrating pages of updates and additions is so laborious that I'm pretty sure almost no one does it—we are cruisers too and I know we never have.
  • When out there cruising, who remembers to check the updates regularly? Again, probably very few.
  • Putting separate update documents together uses a lot of our time that could be better spent on updating the master book files for new editions.

With the old way, you're not happy and neither are we.

A Better Way

Given that, starting with the 8th Edition, we are no longer going to send out separate update documents.

Rather, we will put all that time and energy into bringing out complete new up-to-date editions just as fast as we can.

Better for you and better for us.

Questions and Answers

Now we know this is new and pretty radical and that you will have questions...so, we have answers:

How Often Will New Editions Come Out?

How Do I Know When To Wait for a New Edition BEFORE Buying?

OK, When is the Next New Edition?

Do You Guarantee That Date?

Will There Be FREE or reduced books for previous buyers?

How about Making The Guide an App With Updates, like Software?

I have another Question you haven't answered.

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