Voyage Accounts

Have a website that describes your voyage to areas covered by the Norwegian Cruising Guide? Let us know and we will add it to this page.

Ad and Anne Blankesteijn Records the adventures of S/V Yellowdream in Norway in the summer of 2010.

Aitske Ruben and Pieter de Jong Features several voyages to Norway on Annies, their Feeling 1040, including a voyage to Nordkapp in 2017 to celebrate Aitske’s 70th birthday (Dutch).

Ben and Margriet Scherpenzeel Chronicles five years of voyaging in Norway on a steel motorboat in pictures and text (Dutch).

Berit and Jarle Land Features photographs from North Norway—they live in Bergsfjord, Norway—and from their many sailing voyages in Norway and Svalbard.

Brian Stewart and Jane Witherspoon Documents, with text and photographs, their 2009 and 2010 cruises of the west coast of Sweden and as far north as Bodø in Norway.

Christine Bjørnsund Enjoy photos and text from several trips to Norway.

Clive and Francesca Woodman Documents their voyage to Norway and Spitsbergen in 2009 (in archived stories).

Dmitry Knorozov This is our only Russian language voyage account. Thanks, Dmitry! You can follow Dmitry on his voyage from Alta to Tromsø to Hammerfest back to Alta in 2013.

Erik Aaseth Features Erik’s fantastic pictures from Norway and Jan Mayen.

Gerhard & Lizzi Piessenberger Features a slideshow from their 2008 cruise in Norway. Click on a picture and then start the slideshow.

Helen and Mike Norris Follow their 2013 Norwegian journey on Island Drifter.

Helen and Neil McCubbin Describes their 2013 cruise in Norway.

Henrik and Ingvild Johnsen Documents their travels both at home in Norway and abroad (in Norwegian but with many pictures).

Jean Francois Brodin Describes his 2010 journey from Quiberon to Svalbard and return. Text in French interspersed with many photographs.

Johann Hustadnes Contains numerous photos of Johann’s many adventures, including visits to Jan Mayen and Svalbard.

John Harries and Phyllis Nickel Has a number of photo galleries including images taken during the two years we spent in Norway and Svalbard.

Jon Erik and Norma Saugen  Has accounts from many of their voyages, including numerous photos. They live in Åsgårdstrand, Norway and spent the summer of 2009 sailing north as far as Bodø, visiting as many of the off-lying islands as possible.

Maarten IngenHousz  Contains an eBook of his trip from the Netherlands as far north as Tromsø and back to the Netherlands. Just click on ‘Lofoten 2009’. The text is in Dutch with numerous photographs.

Marc Decrey and Sylvie Cohen Contains photographs from their 2008 summer in Svalbard. In 2009 they successfully completed an expedition to the White Sea and Russia in an effort to raise money for heart transplantation.

Marc Perrussel Contains Marc’s photographs and blog (in French and English) about his travels on his MERCATOR 105 Vò lu mondu. He spent the winter of 2009/10 living in Svolvær, Norway on his boat.

Martina and Michael Haferkamp Contains many photographs and written accounts in German of their voyages in Norway and Svalbard, including a winter cruise in Lofoten.

Norwave’s Maritime Pages A site, mainly in Norwegian, about sailing between Bodø and Tromsø on Ariel, a Contrast 33.

Vigdis and Øyvind Prytz A blog in Norwegian with some English describing the Prytz family’s sailing trips in Norway.