We’re Getting There

by phyllis on March 19, 2013

NCG ebook and ipad

We’ve reached the home stretch on the 7th Edition of the Guide:

  • 4000 (or so) links have been inserted
  • 950 harbour/anchorage entries have been collected, updated and proofed
  • 800 pictures (twice as many as the 2010 Edition) have been integrated into the content
  • Over 120 pages of General Cruising Information have been updated and proofed and reproofed
  • 22 chapter maps have been analyzed and sub-maps developed where necessary
  • 2 cm of width have been added to my butt from sitting at the computer so much

But I’m not complaining. It’s very exciting to see the first proof copies coming in and to realize again what a wonderful resource everyone who has contributed to the Guide over the years has created. The Guide is just getting better and better.

We’re still projecting a publish date of end of April. Fingers crossed!

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