What’s Next For the NCG?

by phyllis on October 3, 2013

NCG ebook and ipadAnother sailing season is drawing to a close in Norway, obviously a busy one from all the updates we received. Thank you to all who sent in your updates/corrections/new harbours. We really appreciate the input.

If anybody else out there has information for the Guide, this is the time to send it in. With a document the size of the Guide (over 800 pages), updating and expanding is a huge and ongoing job.


All this new information that we are collecting, including what I posted to News over the summer, will make its way back to you in the form of an updates document, which we will make available for download sometime in the new year.

However, we will not be publishing a new edition in 2014—last year’s 7th Edition was a major revision and expansion and we are going to rest on our laurels for 2014.

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