Why We Didn’t Go ePub For The 7th Edition

by phyllis on June 30, 2013

NCG ebook and ipadWe just got a question from a reader asking if we are considering ePub (native format used for iBooks and Kindle books) for future editions of the Guide. I decided I would answer his question as a post to give everyone access to our thought process on this issue.

Before publishing the 7th Edition, John and I looked into ePub but quickly decided it was not the right route to go for one major reason: ePub doesn’t allow us any control over how the book will look once it is downloaded. What does that mean? Well, pictures fly around, the Harbour Information boxes (those little gray boxes in the left margin) end up who knows where, etc. Basically, the Guide would be an unreadable mess.

In fact, I have a Kindle that I use a lot for reading novels but, when I tried to read an ePub cookbook and textbook on it, I was very disappointed as both were virtually unreadable due to the problem of no controllable formatting.

So we felt that PDFs were clearly the way to go for the Guide: a controllable format readable on all devices (computers, tablets, iThings).

Note that it is possible to download the NCG as a PDF to an eBook reader such as a Kindle and read it there, but it won’t be as readable as on a tablet or computer because of the monochrome low resolution limitations of the device itself.

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