Volume 1 Now Online & Free

As we promised a year ago in April 2023, we have transferred all of Volume 1, General Cruising Information, to this website and made it available for FREE.

Several reasons:

  • It makes keeping this volume of rapidly changing information up-to-date far easier.
    • Harbour and anchorage information doesn’t change as often or as quickly as things like Customs and Immigration regulations, communications technology, or details like weather forecast times.
  • This is planning information with multiple links to important online information, which in a printed book aren’t live. Very irritating.
  • Most of this is information not needed while underway.
  • We do have a Print option or you can save a PDF version of any section you wish to your device.
  • It will make the information in this volume available for Google to search and that way bring more people to this site and hopefully to purchase the Harbours and Anchorages volumes. If we are going to keep publishing the Guide we need to keep selling the Guide!

Please let us know what you think by sending us an email.

Thank you for supporting the Norwegian Cruising Guide.

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