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Warning: Amazon and resellers at Amazon are selling old versions of The Guide.

To be sure you are getting the latest version, make sure that the covers (example below) show:

Vol 1: 8th Edition-no stamp
Vol 2: 8th Edition-stamped updated 2021
Vol 3: 8th Edition-stamped updated 2023
Vol 4: 8th Edition-stamped updated 2019
Vol 5: 8th Edition-no stamp

In some cases, particularly volume 3, Amazon will not even show you the latest version when you click on the links below.

Use the following in the Amazon search box:

Norwegian Cruising Guide Vol 3-Updated 2023

You may have to experiment, and if all this is too much hassle, consider buying from Vroljk Watersport (link below).


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Are the books glossy and hard cover?

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Why aren't the prices the same at all stores?

Some Amazon stores are quoting 2 month delivery.

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Can I buy the books directly from you?

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Can I sell the books in my bookstore?

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Can I read the Guide on my phone?

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What about reading the Guide with Google Play Books in a browser on my computer? Google say I can do that.

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Will you be selling PDF eBooks?

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