Clearing In To Norway

by phyllis on May 17, 2017

Summer is rapidly approaching and visiting mariners are starting to arrive in Norway for another season’s voyaging in this beautiful country.


Historically, though visiting mariners in vessels less than 48-m LOA have been formally required to provide 24-hrs advance notice prior to arrival whenever possible, this requirement has largely been ignored by officers in the field.

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Happy Holidays to All

by John December 22, 2016

Here’s a card for you, click on it to view our annual Christmas Slideshow.

Pyramiden, Svalbard

by phyllis June 4, 2016

Svalbard is a fascinating place in so many ways: its history, wildlife, geology and, last but not least, its inhabitants. Anyone who chooses to live in such a remote place, which is dark for half the year, has a story to tell! Two interesting stories we intersected with during our cruise to Svalbard: Hauke Trinks, a scientist, and Marie Tieche, […]

Happy Holidays To All

by phyllis December 23, 2015

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The Challenge Of Norwegian Place Names

by phyllis July 29, 2015

My special project for the Norwegian Cruising Guide this year is to make sure that the place names in the Guide as closely match those on the Norwegian charts as possible. In previous editions, I used Den Norske Los, the Norwegian Pilot, as the standard for choosing harbour/anchorage place names. However, Kartverket’s decision to stop publishing in […]

Marine Chart Links Broken

by phyllis June 15, 2015

We just received an email from a reader who informed us that, in the several weeks since I last tested it, Statens Kartverk has updated their online chart software. Which is fine if you don’t have 1000 links (the lat/long link for each harbour/anchorage) to said online charts that now don’t work. Which means I know […]

Integrating Updates Into The Guide

by phyllis June 14, 2015

Hopefully you’ve all downloaded your copy of the updates to the Norwegian Cruising Guide, 7th Edition, which we made available last month. It’s a huge document and I realize that it’s onerous to try and integrate information between the Guide and the Updates. Based on this frustration, a few readers have written to ask if it’s possible […]

Norwegian Cruising Guide Editors Never Sleep

by phyllis April 1, 2015

It’s been an especially harsh winter here in Nova Scotia. We were supposed to launch our boat today, April 1st, but the two meters of snow on the ground and the thick ice clogging our inlet and extending well out into Mahone Bay have put paid to that. It now looks like we won’t get in […]

Norway The Slow Way

by phyllis October 15, 2014

I hope you enjoy this article from the New York Times about traveling on Hurtigruten as much as I did. The piece is an interesting montage of well-written text, still photos and video, which gives a more than passing nod to the Norwegian Slow TV movement.

NCG, Contributions & New Edition News

by phyllis September 18, 2014

Another season of sailing in Norway is drawing to a close for most of us and so it’s time for our annual request for any corrections, updates or new information that you would like to contribute to the Guide. Instructions on submitting photos and text can be found here. Thank you to all of you who […]