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The original, most complete and most up-to-date cruising guide to the coasts of Norway, Svalbard, and the west coast of Sweden.
The best cruising guide I have ever used.

Steve Dashew

Seven Editions

over 35 Years

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  • 800 pages (three volumes) of cruising information gathered over 35 years.
  • 950 ports and anchorages described with information on approaches, where to anchor/tie up, marine services and shore-based activities and services.
  • General Cruising Information section includes scores of tips on cruising northern destinations gathered by the authors during 20 years and 120,000 miles of North Atlantic cruising.
  • Insider’s perspective from Norwegian correspondents Hans Jakob and Eli gathered in over 40 years of cruising Norway’s coast from Sweden to Svalbard.
  • Planning maps.
  • Over 800 photographs.
  • Available as eBooks or paper books in three volumes.
  • Free harbours and anchorages waypoint file for loading into Google Earth, Google Maps, your plotter or navigation software.