The Recreational Mariner's Guide

1. Preface

About Us


We, Phyllis Nickel and John Harries, are writers, photographers, and publishers with over 40 years of offshore voyaging experience. 

Back in 2002, after sailing in Norway and Svalbard for two years, and spending two winters living aboard our McCurdy and Rhodes cutter Morgan’s Cloud in Tromsø, we decided that we wanted an excuse to keep in touch with Norway and the wonderful people we had met there. 

So when the opportunity to take over publication of the Norwegian Cruising Guide came along, we accepted the challenge.

We also publish Attainable Adventure Cruising, the Offshore Voyaging Reference Site.

Norwegian Authors

Hans Jakob Valderhaug and Eli Husum, the Guide’s Norwegian authors, live in Oslo. Both are avid and very accomplished (as you will see from their photographs) skiers and hikers.

Hans Jakob has cruised the Norwegian coast from Sweden to Svalbard for over 40 years and, since 2002, together with Eli, has been sharing his local knowledge and insights in the Guide, not only about cruising Norway, but also about Norwegian culture and history.

They visit, report on, and photograph scores of harbours and anchorages every season, originally cruising in their Hallberg-Rassy 31 Anna and, since 2013, in their Koopmans 39, also named Anna. Their contributions are accurate, often funny, and always interesting.